I have three little boys.  Even though some days are tough, I love that I have my little family.


My little guy recently told me that he would like to drive.  He’s 3.  When I looked surprised, he rose a hand to reassure me that it was ok and told me he would drive slowly.  I laughed.  He said it wasn’t funny, it was ok, he would drive slowly.  13 more years my dear, 13 more years.

My oldest is 10.  When I think about 13 more years, I think about how quickly those 10 years went…  Or how quickly those 7 years went by with my middle guy!

I’ve gotten to an odd place in my life.  I remember being 7, I remember being 10.  I remember having fun with my brother, not a care in the world.  I remember my parents, so responsible, so mature, taking care of us.  And now here I am.  The Mom.

So, with life moving on so quickly, I’ve chosen to live a little more slowly.  To drive slowly.


16.3 Billion…and 1

I did a little research this morning (emphasis on little…) and found there are 16.3 billion blogs…or something like that.  I told you, I did little research, ha!   “Start a blog!”, they say, “You should blog”, they say, “Have you ever thought about blogging?”…say it with me…THEY SAY!   I say, “No.”…”Nope.”….”Not at all.”  Yet here I am, 16.3 billion…and 1.  I’ve never been much of a blog reader.  I figured that I have too much going on in my own life to be interested in others.  I’ve also taken the past two years to “unplug”.  No more Facebook for me, not attached to my cell phone, no Instagram.  This past year I have gotten into a few blogs in somewhat an interesting way.  I think I’ll share those stories later, but it opened my eyes a bit.  I could relate to them, laugh with them.  Soon, I found myself reading every post and then thinking that maybe…just maybe…it MIGHT be something I’d enjoy.  So let’s give this a whirl.  16.3 billion and 1.  Soft. Sweet. Simple.  Me.