I have three little boys.  Even though some days are tough, I love that I have my little family.


My little guy recently told me that he would like to drive.  He’s 3.  When I looked surprised, he rose a hand to reassure me that it was ok and told me he would drive slowly.  I laughed.  He said it wasn’t funny, it was ok, he would drive slowly.  13 more years my dear, 13 more years.

My oldest is 10.  When I think about 13 more years, I think about how quickly those 10 years went…  Or how quickly those 7 years went by with my middle guy!

I’ve gotten to an odd place in my life.  I remember being 7, I remember being 10.  I remember having fun with my brother, not a care in the world.  I remember my parents, so responsible, so mature, taking care of us.  And now here I am.  The Mom.

So, with life moving on so quickly, I’ve chosen to live a little more slowly.  To drive slowly.


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