And This Is What Happens

What happens when your husband leaves for a work trip, your toddler throws up on you, your kids find a sudden burst of run-around-and-drive-mom-crazy energy?  (seriously the list goes on, I won’t bore you, it was a not so good time)  You fall out of the blogging world.  You try to grip onto that tiny bit of sanity left in you.  You go to bed early.  And now it’s November!

B’s 8th Birthday!  Made this cake, which he requested while looking at Pinterest with me 🙂

image image

Today, we made graham crackers.  If you’ve never made your own graham crackers before, DO IT NOW!  Seriously.  Boxed ones have no flavor!  While eating a packaged graham cracker awhile back, I noticed that it tasted like nothing at all.  What happened to the graham crackers of my childhood?!  Then I found the best graham cracker recipe ever! My cousin got us some graham flour from the oldest stone mill while visiting MI!  Today, I got to use it!  So yummy, so worth the effort!


Enjoy your day!


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