No-Poo for you!


Yeah, that’s right.  I saw the face you made.  Where in the world is she going with this one, you are asking…  Shampoo, my dears, SHAMpoo.

That hilarious episode of Seinfeld has been stuck in my head ever since I’ve started researching the “no-poo” movement.  Go ahead, take away my soup, take away the television, take away my makeup…well, maybe let’s not get carried away here…let’s keep the makeup.  Take away my shampoo?  Are you crazy?  Won’t I be dirty?  Smelly?  Greasy?

Three years ago I gave birth to another cutie pie of mine.  Love him to death, hate my hair ever since.  I don’t know if it has anything to do with pregnancy or the products, brushes, appliances I was using…but, my hair was breaking.  At first I saw it as frizz.  “Oh dear hairdresser of mine.  Please help me control the frizz.  I want smooth hair.”, is what I said the first few months A.B. (after birth).  Then…”What is going on?  My hair is standing up all over the place!”  Then the blow was delivered.  It was breakage.  Insert the strengthening shampoos and conditioners.  Insert the moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.  Insert the oils.  Nothing has helped!  So, three days ago I bit the bullet.


I researched online for the past few months.  Should I co-wash?  Should I skip washing all together?  Should I invest in something like Wen?  I mean, look how bald I’m starting to look!  I finally decided to do the baking soda and vinegar wash.

Here’s how:

Mix 1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda into 1 cup of water and dissolve.  I put this into a handy little squirt bottle.  Then in a spray bottle I mixed 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (white vinegar I hear would work well too) into 1 cup of water.  I hop in the shower and squirt the baking soda mixture onto my roots, massaging well, and then rinsing well.  Then I spray the vinegar mixture onto my ends, avoiding the roots.  The baking soda cleanses, the vinegar mixture softens.

So far, it’s been three days.  I washed with the BS and V, skipped a days wash (really just massaged really well with hot water while in my shower), and did another BS and V wash today.  I’m hoping I can go two days with just rinsing and no washing this time and then eventually a week!  Has my hair been greasy?  Nope.  It has felt different though, it’s hard to describe.  It does feel softer too!  Here is the result so far…


My goal is to hopefully stop the breaking and start the growing!  Stop the frizz and start to see smooth shiny hair again!  So, if you’ve been thinking about it too, try it with me!  No-poo for you!

A one week update is here.


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