An update, a snippet.

The update…

I’ve been no-pooing for 11 days.  I’ve decided to try and plow through the detoxing phase, which means that I’m going to “wash” once a week, rinsing only in between.

Just washed, after one week of rinsing only…


Then, the next day…rinse only…


So far I’m loving it!  After my BS and V wash, my hair is so light, full, and shiny.  ALSO, I’m no longer finding a fist full (slight exaggeration) of hair after I wash in my shower.  Literally, 2-4 hairs, literally!  Rinsing only isn’t too bad…  I try to run hot water through my hair and really massage the oil from my scalp all the way through my hair.  I am dealing with static though.  I’m trying to research the best option for me to help with that and I’m thinking I may try honey.

Now for the snippet…

We had a fun Thanksgiving week.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned being a homeschooling family or not yet, but we are.  We took time off from our curriculum to focus on Thanksgiving for the week.  The kids made paper bag teepees, homemade butter, Thanksgiving poetry bookmarks, mayflower fact books, and lots lots more.


We also snuck in a trip to the “choo choo” restaurant!


Have a great weekend!


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