Back To Homeschool

We celebrated our first day back to homeschooling with these yummy gluten free spudnuts (doughnuts made from mashed potatoes).


Our school has been up and running for the past three weeks…so this is a tad late :). The kids have been loving all of our school this year.  In years past, it was guaranteed that the eldest would have tears over math and the second eldest would have tears over writing.  Not this year!  Maybe it’s just part of them maturing, but I have to say, it’s kind of nice.  Over the past few years I’ve really stressed to the kids that it’s okay to not understand something right away, that’s why we are learning.  I want learning to be enjoyable for our kids.  I don’t want our kids to stress over “the right or wrong” answer.  I want them to see that with learning, their world is endless.



pray with your children…

play with your children…

read with your children…

get outside with your children…

teach your children…

learn with your children…

get involved, eye to eye, no distractions.  That’s when, even as an adult, your world grows bigger.

Thank you, my babies!  I feel so blessed to continue learning with you!



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