…and she’s off to the races!

I know this blog is called Soft. Sweet. Simple.  …but, lately my life has felt anything but…

Once upon a time I told myself I would not be that busy mother.  You know, the mother that runs her kids around to copious amounts of activities while juggling her job or everyday tasks.


For the most part, I succeeded over the years!  The thing is, it was slow…it built gradually…I never even saw it coming until, WHAM!  Boyscouts, cub scouts, tap lessons, piano lessons, swim lessons, violin lessons, soccer practice and games….every evening and a couple afternoons, a commitment.  I still have the house to clean, laundry to do, grocery shopping, cooking, homeschooling, everyday tasks and errands, weekly speech therapy for our youngest, and bi-weekly allergy shots for our middle…AND THEN an activity.   How did this happen?!  I’ve been feeling like I’m running.  All day.


We are coming to realize that we need to cut activities.  We know our children are homeschooled and lack socialization, lol, BUT, we have to balance better.  It’s ok for our children to feel “bored” sometimes or have some evenings at home to spend time together as a family!  Thing is, I don’t think our children would be bored.  It’s just so hard to stop an activity you’ve started and you enjoy!  I strive for a calm, peaceful family life.  One where we have time to enjoy eachother.  It’s exists right?!  I know it does… I was there once…it does!


In the meantime, while we work all this out, I try my very best to enjoy these moments.  I limit my distractions.  When we go out…I don’t even bring my phone.  Gasp!  I just know that our time is so precious and I want as few distractitions as possible during this valuable time.


I did grab my husband’s phone for a few quick photos though…it’s nice to have some pictures to look back on 😉




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